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Pinfold Artefacts for Sale – BH Monday 02 May

When the pinfold’s original use to store stray animals was no longer relevant, it was used as a domestic rubbish dump. During the course of excavation of the 72 cubic metres of infill material over 100 glass bottles and earthenware jars were discovered.  Some of the items are worth very little, but some are of […]

Safety Posts being Installed

A row of heritage safety posts in keeping with the street scene were installed on 17 March 2016 by staff from SCC Highways contractors (AMEY) to deter motorists from mounting the grass verge.

Almost complete

All we are waiting for now is for the weather to warm up so that some grass seed can be sown and for the SCC Highways to install a row of safety bollards on the Black Lane grass verge.