Best Kept Village

  The competition is organised by the Community Council of Staffordshire and has a long tradition in the County, having run continuously for 60 years.


Each year between 50 and 60 villages participate and some 70 volunteers are involved in judging the villages. The competition is divided into 5 areas with the winning village in each area receiving an trophy and a cheque for £200.  Also, two overall county winners receive an engraved shield.


The aim is to encourage community spirit within a village by bringing together the whole community with the common goal of becoming the “Best Kept Village” in Staffordshire.  It is an opportunity to for people of all ages and from all walks of life to work together to bring about improvements in their village.  It is seen by many as a way of promoting social cohesion and increasing community involvement by focusing people on making a difference.  Above all, the competition is not about “pretty, pretty” villages but more about building communities.


Whiston has entered the competition for many years and been successful in lifting the trophy on more than one occasion. This year, following an advertisement in the village newsletter, volunteers met at the Chapel Room on 22 March and planned how to maximise our chances of winning the competition this year.


Judges will be making their inspection visits between 01 May and 31July.

  • The volunteer rota for mowing of the Jubilee Gardens is in place and some additional plants are on order to provide some summer colour.
  • In addition, the BKV committee volunteers are hoping to replace some of the older planter tubs around the village that are in poor condition.
  • The village hall committee is ensuring the village hall area is kept tidy and both the church and chapel officials are being asked to also play their part in maximising the chances of success in the competition, as those areas are of key interest to the judges.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to keeping our village environment free from litter and dog waste.   If you think you can make a contribution in whatever way, such as by planting or watering one of the tubs, or doing some painting or weeding, your help would be appreciated. Contact Elsie Fallows on 01538 266272.