July 2017 – Hedgehogs, Jay, Greater Spotted Woodpeckers.


We are new comers to the village, been here 6 months, our names are Rosie and Bernie. We spotted 2 hedgehogs in our garden last night (02 July), lovely to see! Also, a recent regular garden visitor is a Jay, seen again this morning eating from the bird swing! Also, 2 regular great spotted woodpeckers visit the bird feeder. Hope this helps start the page off, what a great idea it is.

     Kind Regards
             Rosie and Bernie.


Hedgehog in garden Black Lane

Hedgehog in garden Black Lane

Another Jay Sighting:   A jay has also been seen recently in the garden of The Hyning, the detached house on the main road near the pinfold, by Morris.

Further update report from Rosie & Bernie An update for the wild life page on the hedgehogs. ☺ We have recently seen 3 now, all on the lawn together, presuming it may be mum dad and baby, given the sizes.It’s an honour to have them visit, given they have become endangered.

We have had far less snails… which is another plus, and we continue to provide fresh drinking water, along with some mealworms, which they seem to enjoy! It seems that dehydration can be a real issue in the summer for these beautiful creatures, so hope we can all contribute with bowls of water, but not milk, as we have read they are lactose intolerant, and lets help save our declining hedgehogs. A small space under our garden fences allows them access visiting other gardens freely too.


We hope other people in the village report on your page any hedgehogs they may see.☺


              Kind Regards

                  Rosie and Bernie”