Pinfold Artefacts for Sale – BH Monday 02 May

When the pinfold’s original use to store stray animals was no longer relevant, it was used as a domestic rubbish dump. During the course of excavation of the 72 cubic metres of infill material over 100 glass bottles and earthenware jars were discovered.  Some of the items are worth very little, but some are of collectable value and are to be offered for sale at the Whiston Village Hall car boot sale on Bank Holiday Monday 02 May 2016.

The items range in date from 1900 to 1915 and include several glass inkwells, beer bottles, medicine bottles, sauce bottles and food storage jars. Of particular interest are those with embossed inscriptions of the manufacturer or retailer.  Inscriptions are listed below.

If you are interested in securing a little bit of the village history as a decorative feature for your home or to add to your collection please come along to the Car Boot Sale on BH Monday 02 May, where you will be able to buy items from £1 to £10.  Proceeds of the sale will go towards buying bulbs to plant at the pinfold in the autumn of 2016 to make a contribution towards the Best Kept Village Competition in 2017.

Glass Inkwells

                                 Glass Inkwells


Category Inscription
Earthenware James Keiller & Sons Dundee Marmalade 1862
Glass Bottle W H Hartley Tussaline Leek
Glass Bottle Tit Bits Sauce Reg No 644616
Brown Glass Jar Virol H4
Glass Bottle R. Massey Leek (broken neck)
Glass Bottle Fletcher’s Tomato Sauce
Glass Bottle A J White Ltd
Brown Glass Bottle Pectakos for Coughs & Bronchitis
Glass Bottle Calific California Fig Syrup Co. Sanfrancisco
White Glass Bottle Boots Cash Chemists
Glass Bottle Patersons Glasgow Camp Coffee & Chicory
Whits Glass Jar C K B Ltd 650
Green Beer Bottle Burton Ind Coope & Co Ltd
Glass Bottle Fletcher’s Tiger Sauce
Glass Bottle Sharpe Green & Son, London & Liverpool extract of French Coffee & chicory
Glass Bottle 4122
Glass Bottle Fennings Fever Curer
Glass Bottle B S & C Ltd Hull
Glass Bottle Hoe’s Sauce
Glass Bottle Garton’s HP Sauce
Brown Glass Jar Bovril Ltd
Glass Jar Barnsley
Glass Bottle 4
Glass Bottle Matthia & Harrison Liverpool
Glass Bottle Table spoons
Glass Bottle A424 C1 UGB
Glass Bottle P
Glass Bottle BLG SD 657
Glass Bottle N& G Ltd
Green Glass Bottle Boro Royal Sauce
Small Glass Bottle B
Glass Bottle  Woodward Chemist Nottingham
Glass Bottle Daddies Favourite Sauce
Beer Bottle Mansfield Brewery Co.
Tall Glass Bottle Old Grans Special Toddy Wright & Son Ltd Wirksworth, London & Leith
Tall Brown Glass Bottle Stephen Smith Co Ld
Tall Green Beer Bottle Marstons Ltd Burton on Trent
Fluted Green Glass Bottle L&T
Glass Bottle Walkers Kilmarnock Whisky 1800