Restoration Project – Funding Providers

The restoration project fund raising challenge, based on the current estimated costs of £8,533, is being met from the following sources:-

  1. £4,000 Grant – Moorlands Partnership Board.
  2. £3,000 Grant – Heritage Lottery Funded Churnet Valley Community Grant Scheme.
  3. £1,000 Grant – SCC Members Local Community Fund – County Councillor Mike Worthington.
  4.  £413 contribution – Kingsley Parish Council.
  5. £120 Personal Donation – Councillor Howard Mycock.

In addition, County Councillor Mike Worthington, is providing the traffic management elements of the project (traffic lights on the A52 and temporary road closure of Black Lane) through the SCC Highways Divisional Transport Plan.

Many thanks to all individuals and organisations for their valued contribution to the project.