What will the pinfold look like?

Excavation of the grassy mound revealed stone wall foundations in the shape of a square with internal dimensions of 20ft x 20ft, with a 9ft wide entrance on the main road (turnpike) side.   The wall remnants suggest that the front main road wall (NW) onto the turnpike road was of a higher quality build than the other three walls, the front being built vertical in coursed stone, whereas the other three walls were built in a random style using uneven shaped stones, narrowing from base to top.   Curved coping stones were unearthed in the vicinity of the other three walls but not the front wall.  Because of its width and vertical build the front wall was more likely to have been topped with flat stone slabs that were “robbed out” after the pinfold fell into disuse.     It is unlikely that curved coping stones  24inches in width would have been used.     It is hoped to acquire some large flat slabs for the top of the front wall but they may be difficult and expensive to source.

The two side walls and the Black Lane retaining wall were built of random (uneven sized) stone, not in even courses.  The presence of 18inch curved coping stones and broad foundations suggests that those three walls were built with a batter (narrower at the top than the base).

The re-build will endeavour to replicate the original pinfold based on the evidence of excavation, as far is reasonably practicable, although resources and safety issues have to be taken into consideration.  The front wall will be built vertical, with a gap where the original entrance was, which will be in-filled by hard wood rails, thereby showing where the entrance was but avoiding the problem of attracting pedestrians onto the main road.    The remaining three walls will be built in random style with a batter and topped with 18inch curved coping stones. A new five bar field gate, made of oak, will be positioned  on the NE side facing the junction of the two roads for road safety reasons.

A cast aluminium interpretation plaque will be screwed to a backing slab built into the NE wall near the new gate.  The floor of the pinfold and the immediate surrounding area will be grass seeded and maintained by the Parish Council.

For road safety reasons SCC Highways will install a row of “oak looking” bollards on the Black Lane grass verge.