Project Justification & Initiation

PROJECT JUSTIFICATION & INITIATION A village pinfold has been known to exist at the junction of Ashbourne Road (A52) and Black Lane on the north side of Whiston Village since the mid-19th Century, but unfortunately it was filled in before living memory and now only appears as a grassy mound. Visible stone wall remnants suggest […]

Good News on Exploratory Excavation

The exploratory excavation took place in the presence of the SCC Highways Engineer, David Wymer, on 22 June 2015.  The remains of a drystone retaining wall parallel to Black Lane were found.  The copping stones appear to be absent but the rest of the wall appears present.  After conducting his examination, the SCC Highways Engineer […]

Date for Exploratory Slit Trench Excavation

The exploratory slit trench, approved by SMDC Planning Consultant, Teresa Critchlow, is to take place on Monday 22 June 2015 commencing at 8.30am. The trench will allow the SCC Highways engineer to examine the buried pinfold retaining wall and decide what, if any, additional support is necessary to the Black Lane carriageway. Black Lane will […]

Restoration Project – Funding Providers

The restoration project fund raising challenge, based on the current estimated costs of £8,533, is being met from the following sources:- £4,000 Grant – Moorlands Partnership Board. £3,000 Grant – Heritage Lottery Funded Churnet Valley Community Grant Scheme. £1,000 Grant – SCC Members Local Community Fund – County Councillor Mike Worthington.  £413 contribution – Kingsley Parish Council. £120 Personal […]